At Durell we take the time to ensure the system we are providing will meet and exceed your objective and requirements. By going over our customers’ needs, we ensure the system installed is what you need for today and tomorrow. Our team is able to handle jobs from few cameras to hundreds of cameras including all design, estimation, specifications, use of existing and installation of new cabling infrastructure, installation, training, and maintenance. We pride ourselves in the level of service we provide before and especially after installation. Durell is Milestone and Axis certified; thus, our customers can be confident in our expertise and team.

Durell Controls designs, installs, and maintains state-of-the-art digital power-over-Ethernet security surveillance camera systems. PoE camera systems allow utilization of existing cable and switch infrastructure, and simplification of any required new cabling. Digital HD cameras offer image clarity and colour depth impossible to achieve with analog camera technology, even at equivalent resolutions.

2N PoE Intercom units with built in keypad, card reader, and camera is another layer you can add to your security system. 2N intercom units also integrate with Milestone’s software.

Milestone’s Xprotect family allow seamless integration with Delta Controls’ access control system, adding yet more options for integration with lighting, access, and HVAC management systems.

AXIS Camera Station VMS is also used based on installation requirements and where only AXIS cameras are used.

Whether it is AXIS cameras or others that you need, Durell can supply your facility with the required hardware and software to meet your design requirements. Upgrading existing systems and utilizing existing cable is Durell’s way to reduce cost and provide you with the latest state of the art CCTV system.

Showcase: Islamic Centre of South Western Ontario, London ON

  • AXIS Interior and Exterior Cameras
  • Milestone XProtect VMS
  • CAT5e/6 Ethernet installation

Showcase: Parts Canada, London ON

  • AXIS Exterior PTZ
  • AXIS Camera Station
  • CAT6 Ethernet installation
  • Midspan + PoE extender install due to extra-long distance

Showcase: GKN Sinter Metals, St Thomas ON

  • AXIS cameras and decoders
  • Milestone XProtect VMS
  • BCDvideo VMS rack server
  • CAT6 Ethernet installation
  • PoE extenders due to extra-long distance
  • Under-vehicle loading dock cameras to monitor trailer locks and chocks
  • Interior flatscreen displays for forktruck operator safety
  • Door frame cameras for personnel identification

Showcase: Fanshawe College CDPA Downtown Campus, London ON

  • 52 AXIS Cameras
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • 2N Intercom integration with CISCO phones and card access

Showcase: Fanshawe College Simulation Rooms, London ON

  • Removed existing stand-alone analog System
  • Customized IP networked CCTV and Audio System
  • AXIS cameras including PTZ
  • Axis Camera Station VMS
  • CAT6 Ethernet installation and existing CAT5e
  • Omni-directional microphones for clear quality
  • Audio amplifiers and head sets at various locations for easy access

Access Controls Overview

Durell Controls are specialists in engineering and installing modern distributed-hardware access control systems. These systems use common industry standards including Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), BACnet, and SQL databases to provide the customer with flexibility and scalability that is not practical with centrally-wired or proprietary-protocol systems.

Showcase: St Thomas-Elgin General Hospital

Durell implemented a multi-year rollout of a Delta Controls access control system at a London-area hospital. This system controls nearly 100 doors and is integrated directly with the hospital’s BACnet HVAC control system. Features and services provided by Durell include:

  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Global building emergency lockdown
  • Fire alarm interlocks (hardware and software) for life safety
  • Common operator interface with HVAC system
  • Normal/after hours locking schedules
  • Battery backup
  • Distributed controllers located at each door
  • Standard 26-bit Wiegand proximity cards
  • Shared cards with parking and drug access systems

Showcase: Parts Canada

A London-area warehouse contacted Durell to replace a failing centrally-wired access control system. Durell responded same-day to identify existing faults and provide options for replacement. The customer selected Durell to install an Infinias Intelli-M distributed access control system. Features and services provided by Durell include:

  • Merging existing card user database with new server
  • PoE-powered distributed controllers
  • Ethernet cabling and terminations
  • Zero interruption of service via incremental replacement
  • Configuration of software on virtual machine
  • Enabled customer-administered SQL database backups

Once the new system had proven itself, the customer tasked Durell with migrating an existing Infinias system in Calgary, Alberta to the same server. Durell was responsible for

  • Merging existing card user database with new server
  • Migration of controllers to new IP subnet
  • Decommissioning of old software

Although all tasks had to be performed remotely from London in co-ordination with customer staff in Calgary, the migration was successful.

Showcase: Trinity United Church

A London-area church contacted Durell to address some installation issues with an existing Infinias Intelli-M access control system. Durell responded same-day to identify existing faults, and consult with the customer about desired additional features. Durell was able to repair the faults immediately and quickly provide a solution for the extra desired features.

Seamless integration will not only provide easy and effective building management, but also save your energy cost. With Delta, the range of Integration possibilities is broad, featuring examples such as; HVAC, Energy Meters, Lighting, Chiller package data, Variable Frequency Drives, Access Control, CCTV, Security, Facility Schedules, Databases etc.  Understanding integration requires an understanding of vertical markets. Durell will understand your business processes and will be able to create an integrated solution that best meets your needs today and in the future.

Durell provides seamless integrations in a number various ways:

  • Without any gateway hardware and labour cost, Delta BTL listed Native BACnet products can talk to any other systems that comply to ANSI/ASHRAEStandard 135-2012, BACnet communication protocol.
  • The Delta Controls fully programmable, Modbus gateway allows Delta products to map registers in Modbus slave devices into standard BACnet objects
  • The enteliBRIDGE gateway allows BACnet and non-BACnet devices (such as Modbus TCP/IP) to communicate seamlessly within a BACnet environment. Non-BACnet devices are represented as virtual BACnet devices that provide control data directly to BACnet controllers.
  • API documentation is provided for developers to create protocol drivers, which makes it possible for Delta to integrate with any other systems.
  • The CON-MBUS is used to bring meter bus devices into a BACnet network.

Coppertree Energy Management

The Kaizen Energy module is one of a new suite of entelWEB options from Coppertree Analytics that brings enterprise level energy management into the single-seat framework of enteliWEB. This enterprise energy management package makes it easy for anyone to understand the energy usage of their building.

Leveraging the same customizable dashboard interface as enteliWEB, Kaizen Energy makes it easy to visualize your energy usage, set target energy goals and compare your energy against historical baselines.

System fault diagnostics and alarming are also available to help with further reduction of operation cost and save you money.

Durell Controls is Canada’s first Wattstopper Digital Lighting Integrator Partner. Using primarily Wattstopper’s Digital Lighting Management (DLM) system, Durell designs, installs, commissions, services and integrates digital lighting systems. The DLM system meets Ontario 2012 Building Code and ASHRAE 90.1 requirements, and features remote monitoring and management of building lighting systems via the BACnet protocol. Wattstopper systems offer a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

The Native nature of the DLM system caused many institutions like Western University and Fanshawe College to standardize on it for all their lighting needs.  Effortless integration to the HVAC/BAS makes it easy to realize energy savings.  The key to the success of these projects is Durell’s integration experience and attention to details while working with customer and engineers to ensure all steps from concept to installation and integration are well thought of and clearly identified.

Showcase: Fanshawe College – CDPA Downtown Campus

  • Occupancy data sent to HVAC system via BACnet
  • Datalogging via BACnet
  • Remote management via Delta’s Web Base Interface
  • Daylight harvesting
  • 0-10V dimming
  • Customized instructions for each room

Showcase: Fanshawe College – Y Building London Airport

  • Occupancy data sent to HVAC system via BACnet
  • Datalogging via BACnet
  • Remote management via Delta’s Web Base Interface
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Normal mode enables lights at 90% realizing additional savings
  • 0-10V dimming
  • Savings: Security system shuts off all lighting when armed
  • Safety: Security system turns on all lighting when tripped
  • Safety: Fire alarm system turns on all lighting when tripped
  • Customized instructions for each room

Showcase: City of London – Canada Games Aquatic Centre (Pool Lighting)

  • Datalogging via BACnet
  • Remote management via Delta’s Web Base Interface
  • 347 volt LED up-lighting
  • 0-10V dimming
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Event Scenes

Showcase: Thames Valley School Board – Full Day Kindergarten Renovations

  • Datalogging via BACnet
  • Remote management via Delta’s Web Base Interface
  • Integration into existing BACnet network wiring
  • Collaboration with third-party controls vendors

Year after year, Durell Control Systems Inc. has continued to build on a solid reputation for providing control system installation and service that is second-to-none. One of the key reasons for this success is the fact that our number one goal is to continually provide unparalleled service and support. With our team of safety focussed and factory-trained Service Technicians, Durell is equipped to provide immediate response to calls for service throughout Southwestern Ontario, round the clock.

Our Service Department is ready to assist you with the following:

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Delta Controls hardware and software upgrades
  • System expansion (Migrate any stand-alone controls onto your Delta BAS)
  • Replace aging hard-wired or pneumatic control systems with Delta Controls
  • Remote support
  • Field device inspection and calibration
  • Controller battery replacement
  • Software & Firmware upgrades
  • Continuous commissioning
  • Database and graphics file backup and management
  • Alarm management
  • System Reports
  • Training
  • Delta – Hardware and Software
  • Belimo – valves and actuators
  • Vision Link Wireless Nurse Call
  • Milestone, Axis, Bosch
  • Commscope and Hubbell
  • TOA PA systems
  • Greystone Energy – temperature and humidity sensors
  • WattStopper – lighting control components
  • Danfoss – variable frequency drives

With automated systems, the more knowledgeable and comfortable the end user is with the system , the greater the return in saving time, energy and money. Multiple levels of training for the operation and maintenance of all systems installed by Durell are offered at our facility in London, Ontario or on-site if preferred. We feature a dedicated training room with pre-wired hardware, and the required software for all of our systems. Training is also available direct from factory for our various systems, which can be arranged by Durell.

  • ECRA/ESA License #7004646
  • Variable frequency drive sales and installation
  • Lighting fixture upgrades/replacement
  • Watt Stopper lighting control sales and installation

Modern building systems require robust network infrastructure. Many devices such as HVAC controllers and IP cameras are forgoing separate power in favour of PoE. Durell have become experts in this field due to providing the cabling to support the various products we install.

Durell also installs various Audio and Visual systems including Public Address (PA) Systems such as TOA’s.

Durell is both Commscope and Hubbell certified. We design and install with high attention to detail. Our wiring is standards-adherent with flexibility for the customer’s own demands. Every drop is tested, and all installation is electrical-code compliant where applicable.

Our installations speak for themselves. See the showcases for examples.

Showcase: Fanshawe College Y Building (Hangar) – Renovation

  • Expand existing Hubbell Nextspeed Cat6 network to support IP camera installation
  • Match existing wire colours and labelling

Showcase: Elgin St-Thomas Public Health – New construction

  • Commscope Datapipe Uniprise Cat6
  • 20-year extended product warranty
  • 250 data drops (blue)
  • 150 voice drops (white) – VOIP ready

Durell Controls provides the Systems Technologies VisionLink wireless paging nurse call system. Wireless nurse call systems allow real-time and logged location tracking of individuals. The reporting system allows post-event analysis of incidents. VisionLink devices are fully supervised, which means alarms are triggered when device batteries are low or if an individual gets out of range of the system. The VisionLink system also features available fall detection technology. Durell is the distributor and contractor for all of South Western Ontario including the Greater Toronto Area.

We design, engineer, supply, install, and maintain our systems and provide 24-hour support via remote access and on-site assistance. Whether it is a small clinic or a large facility, our nurse call system will accommodate all your needs. The wireless nature makes it easy to add new devices and features in the future easier and at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

VisionLink Wireless Nurse Call Systems

To learn more about VisionLink Wireless Nurse Call Systems, see the PDF document below.

Showcase: Prince George Retirement Residence – Lucan, ON

  • 55 beds and four floors
  • Wireless Pendants and statistical analysis
  • Anti-wander alarms
  • Wireless exterior door monitoring
  • Alarming to pagers
  • Room lights

Showcase: VON Sakura House – Woodstock, ON

  • Integration with Panasonic DECT6.0 cordless phone system

DI2 (Durell Intelligent Ice) by Durell Controls is a fully Native BACnet automated ice rink control system that offers flexibility, scalability and is completely customized to meet the needs of the end user; The DI2 graphical user interface employs the latest in 3D graphics with custom images being added every day.

DI2 implementation can range from a small refrigeration application with local touch screen interface access up to a multi-rink operation with highly secure web access and unlimited trending capabilities. Other key features include infrared ice surface temperature control, floating head pressure control and Facility Scheduler integrated event scheduling software; these components of DI2 work seamlessly to create one of the most advanced refrigeration control options available today.

Appleby Case Study

Location: Appleby Ice Centre, Burlington Ontario

Background: Faced with rising electricity costs, the City of Burlington decided to invest in additional energy-saving initiatives at Appleby Ice Centre; Following a $16,500 in total utility reduction in 2013 stemming from a city-wide ice rink energy competition, the city continued to look for other ways to reduce consumption.

Solution: In 2014, Durell replaced the existing rink control system (For rink 1 & 2) with the DI2 solution, including floating head pressure optimization.

Results: Soon after final commissioning of the DI2 floating head pressure control system, the City of Burlington quickly noticed a reduction in energy use when compared to the same time period the previous year, as shown in the graph below. The additional savings realized is 43,576KWh, a cost of $7,290.00 for a period of 4 months.