Ice Rink DI2

DI2 (Durell Intelligent Ice) by Durell Controls is a fully Native BACnet automated ice rink control system that offers flexibility, scalability and is completely customized to meet the needs of the end user; The DI2 graphical user interface employs the latest in 3D graphics with custom images being added every day.

DI2 implementation can range from a small refrigeration application with local touch screen interface access up to a multi-rink operation with highly secure web access and unlimited trending capabilities. Other key features include infrared ice surface temperature control, floating head pressure control and Facility Scheduler integrated event scheduling software; these components of DI2 work seamlessly to create one of the most advanced refrigeration control options available today.

Appleby Case Study

Location: Appleby Ice Centre, Burlington Ontario

Background: Faced with rising electricity costs, the City of Burlington decided to invest in additional energy-saving initiatives at Appleby Ice Centre; Following a $16,500 in total utility reduction in 2013 stemming from a city-wide ice rink energy competition, the city continued to look for other ways to reduce consumption.

Solution: In 2014, Durell replaced the existing rink control system (For rink 1 & 2) with the DI2 solution, including floating head pressure optimization.

Results: Soon after final commissioning of the DI2 floating head pressure control system, the City of Burlington quickly noticed a reduction in energy use when compared to the same time period the previous year, as shown in the graph below. The additional savings realized is 43,576KWh, a cost of $7,290.00 for a period of 4 months.