Structured Cabling & A.V.

Modern building systems require robust network infrastructure. Many devices such as HVAC controllers and IP cameras are forgoing separate power in favour of PoE. Durell have become experts in this field due to providing the cabling to support the various products we install.

Durell also installs various Audio and Visual systems including Public Address (PA) Systems such as TOA’s.

Durell is both Commscope and Hubbell certified. We design and install with high attention to detail. Our wiring is standards-adherent with flexibility for the customer’s own demands. Every drop is tested, and all installation is electrical-code compliant where applicable.

Our installations speak for themselves. See the showcases for examples.

Showcase: Fanshawe College Y Building (Hangar) – Renovation

  • Expand existing Hubbell Nextspeed Cat6 network to support IP camera installation
  • Match existing wire colours and labelling

Showcase: Elgin St-Thomas Public Health – New construction

  • Commscope Datapipe Uniprise Cat6
  • 20-year extended product warranty
  • 250 data drops (blue)
  • 150 voice drops (white) – VOIP ready